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Yes American session upset me a little, the beginning was the plan and then........

It's not like people.........

well tomorrow we'll see what happens.


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What do you expect from the Camera if the secret ?

North ??

And how they should do the North if the EU in General as crazy on the feet is not held .

Then as if they are ready to say that the dollar is weakening , but how to do it is Britain's negative for the Euro negativity, etc.

As they say "in comparison with other collective farms , the American still works."


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It's not that clearly there was a surge of some good news for the Yankees.

And today I still rely on yesterday's plan. tobish 1.2550-55.

and there we will see how it will work or just push.

The main direction while Bai (buy)

The purpose of the first 1.2555.



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And so now we are going to break 1.2555, and will run at least until 1.2575-80,

Then followed by a re test of the 1.2550-55, then you can go to break 1.2575 (this is the assumption we will have to look)

Further, if we penetrate 1.2575-80 target 1.2615-20.



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Now there is a re test back . if hold above 1.2570 possible to move on,

to the next level 1.2615-20.

Well, now we have to buy carefully and with feet below 1.2565.

And while watching


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And so resist shot....... we now have support 1.2560 resistance 1.2615 (to which we it is a bit not reached).

Now I think it will re test the support if it survives it will continue to grow.

But about it not today.

Today it is tests to the bottom maybe even today we will see 1.2560, if not then first begin to test 1.2615,

breakouts of these levels today unlikely.

try to get the strength both levels so...... can be traded from the top down

and from the bottom top with short stops below the levels of PP 20 - 30 (noise market)


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And so waited for the support test,

The direction while BUY if we penetrate that support, we must look not to the message if it is false,

and it can break and re test, going back to break down unable to 1.2545

Flutes on the support also should be alerted.

The good signal is Bouncing off it above the level of 1.2580,

While it is possible to buy with a short stop below 1.2540.

And observe the behavior of Asians.


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So as I expected we fell to 1.2545,

but it was a false breakdown support 1.2560,

Now I think the goal is to check the resistance is 1.2615,

let's see maybe we go through it without stopping then re test

back have to watch carefully because they can again return to the corridor (1.2560-1.2615).


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And so the breakdown of the move did not work, now I think a rollback.

next, there will be attempts to break through. if that doesn't work we will go down again to test support 1.2560.

Though the trial was about, but he was and + flutes at this level + the rebound from the resistance = change in the trend.

In a word we must look now the price action with resistance, let's see maybe after a rollback and trial.

The main goal at the top of the 1.2660-70, but the move will reach 1.2630-40 and then will re test back.

Well, that's where it is.

I think roll back to 1.2580-90 will be exactly below should look.


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And so is the recoil is the second attempt. breakdown.

If we do not break it .......... go to test support.

And is likely to be a change of the main direction hangs downward to a sell (sell).

But about this we can talk later.... as you will see a test of the bottom.

Personally I'm waiting for pullback to support 1.2560,


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And so, changed their expectations.

Asia sure did a rollback, Europe also seems to be ready to continue growth.

And it seems there is a new corridor 1.2615 support and resistance 1.2720-30.

then it is logical to assume that the bottom we are already on Asia from tested and begin to go for resistance first target is 1.2690.


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And waiting for the first goal in the area of 1.2680-90

Next, I think that's it.

Over the weekend go back but I think it's not likely to be the top of GEP,

and from Monday it will be close