Trading forecasts and signals from FxFlash


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Good afternoon.
Here I'll lay out their predictions and signals
based on technical analysis and a little fundamental.
Pairs in which I work :
System analysis: a new I personally designed
but for accuracy I also use the channels,
Fibo and Japanese candles.
The work of the different TF from M5 to W1.
I will appreciate any opinions.


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And so for a couple of days I have this prediction:

Down to 1.3075, from there the top 1.3255.

I 1.3030, then go farther down.



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And so now I 1.3120 then move on to 1.3075.
If not then go to 1.3170.
I 1.3170 then reach 1.3200 at least as high of 1.3255.


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At the moment gold is trading
at the lower border of the rising channel.
This is the best time to enter the Buy to the price 1700.
It is better to put stop below 1620 passage of this zone will give a new minimum.


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And so We come to 1.3075,

There was an attempt to break the 1.3170 but didn't go further.

I think now should go into the purchase with goal 1.3255 and stop 1.3020.

but on this Friday I don't know, I went there and view.


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For a weekend stop leave. - if a gap will open up and the price will swing through the stop, then open a deal will close at the opening price of the market, and given the fact that GEP is sure to go close,then it can be closed if not in +, with a minimum loss.


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I totally agree that it's not right

but according to my calculations much HEPA should not be.

So let's wait for Monday.

If we 1.3020 this area of once a year, and then only on a leap year.


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Moose stole not noticeable.

At this point consider the following situation

If we go back through 1.3030 then the next level is the closing 1.3080 HEPA.

If you push from 1.3030 it will go to update the lows and the first target is 1.2910



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On the Euro, if 1.2980 is broken then the next 1. 2950 and 1.2930.

If you push it up to 1.3080.

Gold is getting 1588 I think it is possible to buy the feet below 1560

Pound until I'm in limbo.


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And so the gold went under the level of 1588, if you think back to the top it will not run then go below to 1550-60.

Top goal 1615-16.

Lb start level 1.6055 if you're going to rise to 1.6160

The Euro went as well as gold under the level 1.2955, waiting for breakout to the top, if not then down to 1.2830-50.



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I advise you to be careful with all pairs regarding dollorov, at least naberite long term, as dollar is about to collapse already all about this saying


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Gold probitie level 1588 gave massive traffic to 1615-16, and in turn on the M15 forming a triangle above the level for punching back down.

I think the levels 1550-60.

Pound has almost reached the target 1.6155, so perhaps too will unfold.

A copy of the Euro gold breakout is weak probably false, too, for in nicholasa trend.


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So consider the situation on the market:

Gold was traded at the level of the 1588 attempting to move to 1615,

but today are unable to overcome the level of 1588 to the top.

So I think update at least 1550-60 and begin growth.

Pound as I expected turned towards the correction stopped at the level of 1.6054,

then I then to 1.6000, if not then 1.6155 attempt to get back above this level.

The Euro has Consolidated below 1.2950, and it tells us that the pair is finishing medium

correction, the last level of this correction is 1.2830. from there we begin the growth to 1.37.

Actually if you take into account gold and the Euro, then this option is quite real.


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I agree that the collapse will not allow, but clean can from the troubled countries of the Euro tugging on the bottom.

Or alternatively, not all so bad as they say, but the problem of course is, but maybe not so scary.....

As you draw them.

"I want to rule the world - to create panic among the people, and then give them hopes,that you will save them and they will pray with you." (C) FxFlash

I think that the problems of the Euro zone lie a bit deeper economic, geopolitical, rather, in terms of who eats and who needs to cook.

Then I think that's the point of unions, if you take the advice, then there it was - in this respect, the equality, every country that manufactured and thus was not excessive.

In the Euro zone while this is not - who is working and who only consumes and eats up all the funding............ Who will like it.

So I think if the policy problematic countries in terms of increased production and reduced costs will not change, I think they just ask from there.

IMHO keep giving - giving will fall off......
just when the euros are not worth the paper it is printed on.


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Take a look at the screen.

I'm scared. Judging by the weeks, the Euro is ready to continue falling. If Americans don't pull the dollar, we are waiting for surprises.....


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And so we continue to analyze the market.
analysis inside day will do.
And so at the moment the Euro is trading in the area of 1.2485 support and resistance 1.2520
The main direction of the Buy (purchase)
better to buy on pullbacks the pair is now trying to break resistance if it will work without the flute under resistance
we will be back in this situation on retest to buy with the first target 1.2550 and 1.2580 second goal.
if the first goal will pass without much stops you should wait for return to re test the level of 1.2550

Thus the signals are as follows :
Buy open 1.2525 goal 1.2575 stop 1.2510,
You can go below the resistance level for the market in the area of 1.2500 with stops below 1.2475


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And so we are below the level of the formed flutes, I think the breakdown would be closer to the opening of the Americans.

At this point, the exit point from the optimum is 1.25.

While continuing the upward trend.

As can be seen in the figure, the support 138 at 1, so

we go through goal 1 to 161.8 Fibo levels what is the price of 1.2565 I think the intent can be transferred there.

As there in the doorway conviction will start a reversal, or a pullback will definitely be to the level of Fibo level 138.



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And so as you can see from the price is pushed from the support are unable to overcome it,

So I think it's a confirmation that we will go to break the resistance

If the price starts to trade actively on a support, this may change the trend.

Wait, but I'm more inclined to increase puncture resistance.