The trading signals .Oleg


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gbp/chf buy at 1.4849 T/P 1.4957

nzd/cad selling at a price 0.7832 T/P 0.7785

eur/cad selling at a price 1.2908 T/P 1.2776


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Closed nzd/cad decreased 36 points

Closed eur/cad decreased 29 points

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gbp/cad buy at 1.5964 T/P 1.6036

cad/chf is selling at a price of 0.9301 T/P 0.9239

eur/cad buy at 1.2914 T/P 1.2989


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aud/usd buy for the price 0.9702 T/P 0.9758

gbp/usd buy at 1.5376 T/P 1.5426

aud/jpy buy at a price of 76.10 T/P 76.60

nzd/jpy buy at price 59.28 T/P 59.78


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I can give you advice!

Insert schedule!What would your users see that you deal not out of thin air take the numbers too!

Transaction volume also would be good to see!


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If the terminal open the tab "account History" and drag the order into the chart, then MT will show in convenient form the opening and closing of the transaction. Useful for analyzing your trades, and others visually, if I post a screenshot in the post.


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Of course all fine and well, but let me recommend you the following: in order to better ball monitoring your trade then better in the terminal, create investor password and write here your account and password. This will allow us to trade without the right, of course, to trace in full the development of your dinamico account)))


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Total for 3 transactions:

aud/jpy closed at T/P +69 p.

gbp/usd closed manually +23 p.

a pair chf/jpy closed manually +52 p.

TOTAL: +144 p.