The set of signals for profitable trading


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Good night will begin the subject with the publication of their trading signals seven currency pairs:

hours on June 15, 2012

for the EUR/USD went 1,2631 profit put 1,2695 stop 1,2503

pair pound/dollar entrance 1,5560 take 1,5622 stop 1,5436

aud/usd Sell 1.0024 0.9980 TP SL 1.0111

USD/CAD sell 1.0224 take 1.0177 loss 1.0318

evra/ena prof sell 100.22 99.79 loss 101.08

GBP/JPY Sell 123.40 want 122.89 limit 124.42

USD/jpy Sell 78.93 79.33 get lose 80.14

=)) these are the signals! don't forget that you can enter a must for all 7 pairs because here there is a kind of hedge (loss of one pair overlaps the other by profit)

strategy: tested a little over a year on a live account maximum profit for the month was 3K PP with the cents maximum loss per month two hundred points (losing months of had 2 this year, the second loss is not so great - 22пп) the average profit is about 800 PP

waiting for questions, suggestions, and do not forget to like =))

with HC. Anna

PS: at the end of the trading day all transactions which are not closed close the handles!!! this is important!!!


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Waiting for the evening, and only then begin the debriefing! =)) and please leave comments in this thread and do not send as personal messages!


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well, it's here first time, I traded it over a year... rarely all trades are closed in loss nowhere to go, but very often the trading day, week, month, in total, provide a good plus! at relatively low drawdowns!


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and it would be good to publish the profit or loss in pips and dollars for your transactions and confirm these publikacii screenshots of MT4


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the reports will not show, as there is a lot more there, that this topic does not apply! (if the topic more people want it especially for you open trading account under this strategy and only) profit can post in paragraphs because what I make only applies to me =)), the size of your lot, you have to choose for yourself (well, if you want I will help you), to prove anything to anyone not going, there are still a few subtleties in the strategies that I discover gradually, a particular transaction! who wants to test the signals and their quality can always open a demo account! I can tell right away that you can open without fear and a real account and "to cut cabbage" =)) at the time of testing! can open PAMM or Forex copy account, well, again, if there is a lot of interested people!


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I have USD / CHF and EUR / USD hanging around the opening price of the remaining trades in profit!!! the yen actually woke up and was pleasantly surprised it worked that night
thought even enter! thank you!


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Well, that came first with you trading day (and with it the trading week) and it's time to summarize the results and to analyze our actions!

well, what we see on the proposed signals:

for the EUR/USD closed a trade the force !!!by the time the end of the trading day!!!! (always very important) profit was up 8 points (all
( )

for the GBP to dollar profit in take was 62 points

pair of Audi/yusd we have a net loss of 59 points (I pay her, I did not expect)

steam America to Canada profit 1 PP

evra Jeno here to take in the morning before =))

next pair of the exact same story =))

usd to Jeno tricky pair but the signal!!!

so: if you were my signals that I received today 144 PP!!! I do not deny that it received the signal more than 2ДВА times more! if you are interested as it is in PM! =)) for starters, it is more than right information! those who are interested will understand and do not understand ask! =))

PS don'T SEE YOUR "THANK you" =)) I try for you...


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Since the topic has aroused most interest people, reveal a few of the intricacies of trade in the way! it was obtained empirically and, accordingly, proven life

first, to all transactions that I enter twice (for easy counting will take for example 1 lot) that is in the direction we needed to open two deals (as we decided) 1 lot (all depends on your Deposit, the rules of risk management of capital has not been canceled) this is done in order to extract maximum profit (loss also increases in case of correct input) the difference in these two transactions only in accordance with the established level of take profit!!! If the movement is strong then the price reaches the first level of take and here is our first deal closed with a profit and the other continues to wait for the second level take profit and then it can close it at your discretion, or wait until the work set take or to trail it or close to hand ( but in any case she have to leave without loss, t e stop loss for it pulls to the open price at least)! there are days when the volatility is off the charts and triggered two take and the price continues growth, there can be a thin trail, with a stop at 50 points (where to stay decide who has the nerves how much is enough =)) I have time and no nerves so I work clear on the levels =)) )

the second is also important: there is another level!!! I use for the second entry (it is about half way prices to stop loss) which I use if the price went in the wrong direction! on this entrance level, produced in the same direction as the first time I went (only 1 deal 1 lot) and then if the price reverses (as the practice shows, it happens very, very often, below are examples) we have very poor earnings if not then the same loss,=)) REMEMBER THAT a STOP LOSS IN ANY CASE DO NOT TOUCH it AND FOR ALL the DEALS HE ONE AND THE SAME!!!

there would be options to put the so-called bow-legged to the input (i.e., bi-directional transactions in one buy one sell) but I don't do it and you do not recommend! although who can deftly cope with them!

well, perhaps this is the basic intricacies of working with the system!!! if something else will suddenly remember that they complement and write!

now let's look at a few examples on the last trading day.

for the EUR, the dollar - price of the day walked back and forth here was nothing special

here pound strategy worked really good!!! UNDERSTAND:

the price went in the wrong direction we came! and I have two transactions (one a lot more take the first level and the other less with the take a second, STOP LOSS is the SAME!!!)

price fell fell and fell until the point the second entry ( level 1,5499) here I go a small lot in the same direction as the previous deal! and we will surely fall to our STOP =)) ( with the terminal so I do not sit and do not get nervous =)) ) and I forgot to say that on the point of the second triggers pending which I put together with all the transactions!

well, here we have a little bit fell and then voila =)) spread prices and the closing of the trading day, I have all the trades in profit on the first two and take one on the second! then I looked the price went even higher and stay there but I open the terminal only once a day so the ability to trail was not!

austalias the U.S. dollar, the loss ( it was a hedged position, losses we're not going anywhere)

America to Canada profit 1 PP is also a hedge was supposed to be minus

evra to ponomari worked two levels take prfit 99,37 and 99,80

English to analogichno! but then the interesting happened the price went sharply in the other direction and a little bit did not work pending on the second point (that would have been laughter =)) (so it is recommended still to drop to the terminal and to control the situation if the price here is so developed but this happens rarely! but still happens)

America for the Japs one deal take first level second force is also a plus (a little bit not reached to the second level of take)

profit estimate by eye a little more than 300 points if you do not consider that the transactions were different lotome where tastier where it is not!

Everything seems to be told! phew typing finger got tired.=))

Well, now the questions are in the Studio =))

PS: don't forget to view, comment, say thank you, too, don't hesitate and call here your friends and acquaintances! Always yours, Anna =))


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Newbies, I understand the number of questions in the PM you yet be hard work, so you trade strictly on the first take profit!!! do not climb further until you gain experience! and include a small lot to begin with! and then drained all nafik =)) and questions regarding the topic, ask here! no you will not blame for not knowing that or the other. tomorrow is open a account where you can view the statistics of trade and all will be clear!


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AnnaKZ,I will make You the most standard question.

I'm curious,what criteria do you determine the direction of the pair,based on what signals?(hedging is clear to me).

The Foundation?Technical analysis(indicators,volume,levels,plugs ,pieces)?

Or just Radar?


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this also happens?? =)) I think the figures of Gann (if you are familiar with his theory, if not can the thread tell more), Fibonacci!

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I was recommended to check you to enjoy more what the thread indicators, but I chose hedging transactions, the cons are quite large but the overall result I am happy with, especially at the terminal spend about half an hour! (things I know =)) ) now decided to open this topic, there is still now sticking out =))


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Monday can hardly be predicted ,because a number of strong news expected on the eve. How the market will perceive a parliamentary elections in Greece ? Most likely positive, so I'd be inclined to bye ,even though we are in the overbought zone and is a logical rollback.


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on Monday we will see! likely to close the gap for me (if he will) and maybe something else to add, honestly trade on Mondays often in the less =)) I by the way Mondays often in the Asian session went! to see to it what with the price after the weekend. but a small lot, nothing will! let's go! wait open, follow the theme!