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The GBP / USD has a good chance to recover before the 1,318-1,3238
Have you noticed how the Eurozone rushed to the defense of Spain when the market started talking about the possibility of repetition of the country of the Greek scenario? Immediately found additional mechanisms of budget cuts, monetary policy is even talking about the possibility of resumption of ECB purchases of Spanish bonds. All of this has calmed the market, and the Euro was able to recover.
Theme Spain for a few days is the foreign exchange market. If in the beginning of the week talking about the worsening recession in the country seriously scared players, by Thursday, April 12, the panic has somewhat subsided, because of the European monetary politicians were lots of options on how to mitigate the current situation.
First, Spain announced yesterday that economic data at the end of the 1st quarter will be not as weak as projected, and for 2012 the forecast for GDP unchanged at 1.7 percent. Madrid believes that this target looks quite realistic, and in the achievement of this level will help the regions that will ensure the planned level of budget deficit. Much, of course, debatable — and the question of the deficit, even assuming additional fiscal tightening, and to support autonomy. Catalonia was almost dead, and the others are suffering from the downturn quite strongly.
Second, European monetary policy reminded the market about the mechanism, which assumes that the European Central Bank could buy Spanish bonds from the market to maintain the normal levels of profitability. Well, that is the ECB a long time to stop this "underground" activities? Hope-that is. They really exist, but a lot will depend on how deep it seems to the regulator of the Spanish recession. If ECB will start buying, it is, of course, will support the economies of Spain, but long-term effect such a move will not.
Interestingly, Italy has the rule on a daily basis to remind the market that muddies the water a Spanish neighbour, and Rome nothing to do with it. However, in fairness it should be noted that the mass protection of Spain on the eve has already borne fruit: the yield on ten-year bonds began to fall, and the Euro/dollar got the chance to recover from three-week lows.
Technically in the main pair on the daily chart is seen in the probability of continuation of correction. The goal of the sales 1,305 Euro yesterday is not reached, staying at 1,3065, but I think it's a matter of time. Meanwhile, the pair has a chance to recover before the 1,318-1,3238 where correction may stumble on strong resistance levels. Within the day, therefore, grow with an eye on a new Italian auction, and later, you should pay attention to employment data in the United States.


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Of course,the analysis and forecast in a previous post, well reflects the situation,but a small request - we can add one currency pair to analyze GBP/USD and illustrate pictures!?Thank you.


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Currently the UK economy is in recession. The country's GDP decreases for two consecutive quarters.The UK is planning to adopt a series of measures to stimulate the banking sector. On the introduction programs to support lending announced by the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of England which serves as the Central Bank of the country the head of the British Treasury George Osborn announced that his office is launching a program of preferential subsidization of banks

It is planned that injections into the UK economy from the Bank of England will amount to about 5 billion pounds per month (7.8 billion dollars). This gave a jump to the level 1,5727 but there's a move wnis to the level of 1,5600