Daily Signals from Nikona.


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Nikon to promote
a very common service absolutely free of charge to publish here the Signals on the two pairs.



The signals are only on the TWO PAIRS AND NO OTHER.

The FIRST entry Point for this 2 pairs since the Beginning of the trading week and the opening of the market.

That is open on Sunday for these pairs to Rise.

Put The Buy.

For example, at 0.10 Lot .Must buy both pairs.Necessarily Immediately in the MARKET opening!!!


Tenuate both pairs simultaneously when access to a SHARED profit.

I take no responsibility for their accuracy.

So you can Exercise while on the Demo.

Stop Loss no.Each sets their own.In its sole discretion.

AND NO TAKE PROFIT!!!One needs 100 points and the other 20 is enough.

Signals I do not comment,Sources too.

It's Just A Signals.Nikon does not take money.
Cough Cough )))
Would not want anyone too upset, but the section "Trading Signals" he's not in this section.
In this section, the signals of course can be published, but only if you have an account registered in the system Forex Copy.
So I ask a LEADING question - but do We have such????


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Nikon well take your time-let me open a small ten tank account and SOCA for your signals ? trade posizioni and 0.01 lot at ten go with a Bang
and wishing it will be able to join the service and kopirovat joint efforts

therefore, collaborative environment --you input and I the output will look


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I agree.

However the output look for yourself.

I only set the direction.

Roughly speaking, I found the relationship between Gold and Oil which have some impact on these 2 pairs.

Analyzed the whole of 2010 and 2011, and the accuracy is very high.In any case exceeds the Flat.


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OK-done ! moderators asking not to demolish the topic tonight account is opened ,credited and logged in the support team ! the terms of use of signals will make symbolic (us Nidanam ,Kismayo)


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Yes it will be interesting to see your cyber machine=))) However the head from the hands disconnected


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Interesting relationship gold oil traded EUR/NZD and EUR/AUD

Importantly, the precision is high, and that "I take no responsibility for their accuracy" - so... the letters constituting the words included in the message...
But profit is 100 pounds... it has "Stop Loss no.Each sets their own.In its sole discretion.
AND NO TAKE PROFIT!!!One needs 100 points and the other 20 is enough" - and if only 5 points in the right direction to go anyway "Stop Loss no.Each sets their own.In its sole discretion.
AND NO TAKE PROFIT!!!One needs 100 points and the other 20 is enough"
Good luck.... Nikon!


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the account is ready for battle ! entry signals pairs EUR/NZD and EUR/AUD we will ozvuchivat Nikon out of the market I will make at its sole discretion , the account will be used a couple of trading systems, the trading pair will be trading system at my discretion and according to the situation on the market , experimentation is a good thing ,but hunting to earn money
how much will a good signal Naithon show time
  • , well, here's monitoring account


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Cool, do you plan to expand the list of traded pairs? To help ensure the security of the Deposit, the popular pair will be easier to read for razrulivaniya drawdowns!)


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well, if it's rushed then I'm the pilot ! the pair opened with a gap Melnick to the bottom in пределах25/35 points , then passed another 10 on the bottom , and after slowly returned to the closing level of pjatnicy , currently considered to be at the level of the close of trading on Friday-the signal is considered not spent
Nikon, THOSE prisleduem goal 20-30 points ? and believe signal profitable (PS-with takimzhe success I can give you is that the sell signals also have worked in profit , and not after some minor drawdown )