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Real and demo is the earth and the sky. The difference is generally furious. In the demo, nothing to feel, ie zero emotion.But in the real world are just crazy emotions,baldeesh when the negative is increased, and the frantic joy when the plus sign. Yes, not to get a nervous breakdown you need to open a minimum account in order for you not sorry to lose him, praktikovat much as you need. Because each person has a different nature and he learns differently. And if all the same a nervous breakdown--- then there is nothing to do, health is more expensive than any money!!!


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that's what I'm talking about - difference between demo and real should not be - no emotion, nothing!! all the same should be the same attitude is calm, when you learn this then go to the normal real - are you referring to the classic account, not micro.
Remember - not more than 20% of their funds that you have in your wallet, Bank card, payroll, etc. - this is your real account. Of your classic. Anything less than 5% - this is your micro. Practice on demo and the Micra, and that all emotions are the same!


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Since the author disappeared, and the thread turns into the usual me, the subject is closed.

The appearance of the author and at his request, the topic will open again.